Meet the team!


Meg here! A bit about me. I’m in love with nature. I’m in love with people. I’m always yearning to explore this beautiful land that we share. On that front, I spend a lot of time researching locations for shoots — whether it be sticking my head out the car window or going to town on Google Earth. I will find your perfect place. My love of locations coincides with my love of nature. I study botany and horticulture, so naturally enough, I thrive in the summer months when the wildflowers are on full display. But that’s not to say I’m not a lover of every season, every climate, every topography. And much like my love for everything nature has to offer, I too love everything people have to offer. I like to think that people are as a beautiful and diverse as nature herself. So of course, an art form which involves meeting new and beautiful people and capturing their love in new and beautiful places… it’s a dream! I hope that our mutual passions will help us create something beautiful together. I hope that Greg & I can be part of your journey, and that you can be part of ours! 

...Greg here! I was born in raised in the Los Angeles area. I grew up near the ocean, and spent as much time surfing Malibu’s waves as possible. It was surfing and my subscription to SURFER Magazine which sparked my interest in photography. I remember being as impressed (if not more impressed) with the photographers who took the images as the athletes themselves. In a bittersweet move, I landed in Salt Lake City in order to attend the University of Utah. So I hung up my sandals for hiking boots. Living in mountainous Utah sparked my interest in photography into a full-flamed passion. I began shooting landscapes, and then figured that a lot of my photos would be much more interesting with people to decorate them. And so I made my way into wedding photography and portraiture. Shooting people has turned out to be an endless source of artistic inspiration for me. No two couples are the same. No two people are the same. I love the challenge of treating each photoshoot as its own social/artistic project. I love to connect with my subjects. And I love when that connection translates itself into the photograph. While I specialize in the camera itself, Meg specializes in that, and much more. I’ll let my super rad/talented wife introduce herself now…



We believe that we can create quality photographs only if we can create quality connections with out clients. The two are inseparable. We think is a welcome fact of our trade.

Here's some feedback from some recent couples we've worked with...


Brooke + Luke

“I could not be more stoked about my wedding photos, you guys! You both were so easy to work with, and ensured that every picture idea I had was taken. Every photo is so unique; they really tell a story and capture the essence of our special day. You both truly have an eye for amazing stuff. The lighting and editing in the final product was gorgeous. I have had a crazy amount of people ask who my photographer was. I will definitely be going back for Christmas cards, maternity shoots, etc!"


Bria + McKay

"We are so insanely happy with how all of our pictures turned out! They are all so beautiful and natural. Not only that, it was so much fun getting to work with you guys. It all felt easy and natural, we felt so comfortable, and the laughs were endless! We found that each picture not only captured every moment perfectly, but also captured the emotions behind it. We will definitely recommend your photography to EVERYONE!!"


Ellsie + Keaton

"You guys were absolutely amazing! You made us feel comfortable and made taking pictures feel easy and natural. We loved that you were able to strike a balance between exploring their own artistic vision, as well as being accommodating of our ideas. It was truly a collaboration. And of course, we are in LOVE with photos and memories you captured for us. We look at them and feel like we are living our favorite day all over again."


Christine + Joseph

“You two are the raddest husband + wife photography team! I'm so grateful you captured the candid moments of our engagement until our long awaited wedding day. How do you get such candid moments? You guys made our romantic wedding process so amazing. So glad that we have such light-filled memories from our special day!”